Cross Cultural Alliance of Duluth

The Governance Structure of the CCAD

The Cross-Cultural Alliance of Duluth has a unique structure for making decision.  Along with a traditional board of directors, the CCAD also has a Council of Elders which provides wisdom and guidance.

The Council of Elders

Annie Kennedy
John Clark Pegg
Close-up of Lyn Clark Pegg Lyn Clark Pegg
Babbette Sandman
Claudie Washington

More about Lyn Clark Pegg

Close-up of Lyn Clark PeggLyn Clark Pegg

Duluth has been my home for almost 30 years, and since my retirement over 10 years ago I have been able to become increasingly involved in our community.  My focus has centered on justice issues – on the local, national and international levels, since I believe that justice is essential to lasting peace.  I am excited to serve as an Elder with the Cross Cultural Alliance of Duluth and to join its mission to build connections across historical divisions in our community. Injustices are perpetuated by those divisions, and through collective actions we can help create a beloved community.

Board of Directors

Janet KennedyJanet Kennedy, Co-Chair
Renee Van NettRenee Van Nett, Co-Chair
Doug Bowen-BaileyDoug Bowen-Bailey

Elyse Carter Vosen

More about Janet Kennedy

Janet KennedyJanet Kennedy

Janet has earned an AAS (physical therapy assistant), AA (liberal arts), AS (corrections/criminal justice system), currently she is completing an Interdisciplinary Studies degree in communications, psychology, health/health promotions, and social work. She will graduate in the spring of 2016 from UWS earning a BS in Health and Human Services. Working as physical therapy assistant for 23 years she has practiced in a vast range of discipline/clinical settings ranging from acute care to Homecare. She also traveled as an independent contractor for 5 years. She held a position as the Program Director for PT, OT, and speech at Bayshore Health Center in Duluth, MN. She is a Parish Nurse/Community Health Coordinator for St Marks AME Church and the Central Hillside Community, serving with the North-East Arrowhead Parish Nurse Association.

She is passionate about and serves as staff for the Health in All Policies (HiAP), working to reduce disparities to improve our community’s health. Health disparities are wealth disparities, what happens inside clinics and hospitals is just as important as what happens outside. Policies can create or fail to create opportunities for a healthy lifestyle. The HiAP campaign is working to ensure that policies within local institutions are creating and fostering opportunities for health and fairness for everyone. Current HiAP campaigns are the City of Duluth Comprehensive plan, and the Essentia Health/ St Louis County Community Health Needs Assessment. She is organizing with the “Table” a grass roots organization to bring healthy activities into the neighborhoods identified as having decreased life expectancies. The table has been collaboratively organizing Action tables on racial disparities in the areas of employment, criminal justice/safety, health & wellness, and transportation. She serves on the League of Women Voters Duluth, Public Health and Human Services Advisory Committee, SCVNDA, 6th Judicial Equal Justice Committee, City of Duluth Mayor’s Vision Committee, and City of Duluth Planning Commission. She is a trained mediator for conflict resolution in the community, in our local high school, and within our local court system. She is the co-chair and one of the founding members of the Cross-Cultural Alliance of Duluth a 501 C3 non-profit with a vision to use cross-cultural collaboration to overcome barriers that separate us and build a foundation of justice, leadership, education, health and wellness for children, families, individuals for generations to come.

In 2015 she was a candidate for a local municipal office, she lives with her dog Teddy, is a mother of two children, a grandmother of 6 plus 3 bonus kiddos. She is an African Heritage woman using the pronouns she and her who moved to Duluth in the mid 60’s with her father, who was in the Air Force, mother and 2 brothers. She credits her success to her mother and her uncle who have worked hard and instilled strong values for education, justice and humanity. Phrases that inspire her are: “Be the change you wish to see in this world,” by Gandhi. “Dwell in possibilities,” by Emily Dickenson, and one of her own… “A community cannot survive and prosper as a whole if we are not all walking on even ground.”




More about Renee Van Nett

Renee Van NettRenee Van Nett

My spirit name is MashKiiKii-Makwa Ikwe (Medicine Bear Woman)

Bravery is represented by the bear.  The mother bear has the courage and strength to face her fears and challenges while protecting her young.  The bear also shows us how to live a balanced life with rest, survival and play.

To face life with courage is to know bravery.

Find your inner strength to face the difficulties of life and the courage to be yourself.  Defend what you believe in and what is right for your community, family and self.  Make positive choices and have conviction in your decisions.  Face your fears to allow yourself to live your life.
I believe that the description is me, but to add to that is the Medicine parts, the Bear acts as a Police Officer and the essential job is to protect the medicines of my people. My having that name stands me in that strength therefore, justifying the responsibility. The responsibility from the old ways to today’s ways is similarly the same. It makes sense that I lead the charge and protect my community,the earth… and fight for it even though I am scared as hell. So, Justice to me is lived everyday in the Teachings and in my life. Just me standing up is Justice! Me being in a room leading is Justice, but not for me but for you, community and the earth!

More about Doug Bowen-Bailey

Doug Bowen-BaileyDoug Bowen-Bailey

Doug Bowen-Bailey is father, partner, interpreter, biker, educator, lunch packer, and sometime chicken farmer.  Born in Ohio, his roots go back to beekeepers and dairy farmers around Columbus.  His mother is a former math teacher and his father is a former seminary professor who have instilled in him both an appreciation for tradition and a desire to make the world’s arc bend more toward justice.

He is grateful for the opportunity to serve on the CCAD board and learn from the challenges of doing cross-cultural alliance work.

He is the owner of Digiterp Communications and shares his reflections on the world here.